Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), DHEA sulfate, and aging: contribution of the DHEAge study to a sociobiomedical issue.

Authors: Baulieu E-E, Thomas G, Legrain S, Lahlou N, Roger M, Debuire B, Faucounau V, Girard L, Hervy M-P, Latour F, Leaud M-C, Mokrane A, Pitti-Ferrandi H, Trivalle C, de Lacharriere O, Nouveau S, Rakoto-Arison B, Souberbielle J-C, Raison J, Le Bouc Y, Raynaud A,
Publication Year: 2000
Citation: None

DHEA successfully restored sexual function in older women and had a good safety profile, even after 50 mg/day oral DHEA was administered for one year, in the DHE Age study, which also found an increase in bone mineral density with DHEA treatment in women over 70 years old