Morphometric, immunohistological and three-dimensional evaluation of the endometrium of menopausal women treated by oestrogen and Crinone®, a new slow-release vaginal progesterone.

Authors: Casanas-Roux F, Nisolle M, Marbaix E, Smets M, Bassil S, Donnez J.

Publication Year: 1996

Citation: Hum Reprod 1996;11(2):357-63.

Twenty estrogen-deprived women were given oral estrogen for 12 days followed by oral estrogen- vaginal progesterone gel for 12 days. Endometrial evaluation occurred before treatment, after the estrogen-only phase and after estrogen-progesterone gel treatment. Atrophy was present before treatment in all patients. Typical proliferative changes occurred after estrogen-only treatment, and secretory transformation occurred after estrogen-progesterone treatment, indicating that sustained-release progesterone gel can effectively counteract the proliferative effects of estrogen treatment in postmenopausal women.