Preregistration study on the safety and contraceptive efficacy of a progesterone-releasing vaginal ring in Chilean nursing women.

Authors: Massai R, Miranda P, Valdes P, Lavín P, Zepeda A, Casado ME, Silva MA, Fetis G,Bravo C, Chandía O, Peralta O, Croxatto HB, Díaz S.

Publication Year: 1999

Citation: Contraception 1999;60(1):9-14.

In this long-term controlled study, the safety and efficacy of a progesterone-releasing vaginal contraceptive device was compared to that of the copper-T 380A IUD in nursing mothers. There was no difference in breastfeeding performance or infant growth between groups. The participants using the progesterone-releasing ring had a longer period of lactational amenorrhea than did the group using the copper T. Women were tracked for over 2000 women-months of exposure in both groups. The Chilean government found the progesterone-releasing ring to be a safe and effective contraceptive alternative.