Transvaginal administration of progesterone.

Authors: Fanchin R, De Ziegler D, Bergeron C, Righini C, Torrisi C, Frydman R.

Publication Year: 1997

Citation: Obstet Gynecol 1997;90(3):396-401.

Three different doses of transvaginal progesterone gel were administered to 40 estrogen-deprived women aged 25-41 years. Estradiol was administered orally for 28 days, with progesterone added vaginally on alternate days from days 15-27. Plasma gonadotropins, E1, E2 and progesterone were measured, and an endometrial biopsy was obtained to assess endometrial status and estrogen and progesterone receptor determinations. Transvaginal progesterone induced normal secretory transformation despite low serum progesterone levels, suggesting a direct transit of progesterone into the uterus, or “first uterine pass effect.”