Orally and transdermally replaced estradiol improves endothelial function equally in middle-aged women after surgical menopause.

Authors: Zegura B, Keber I, Sebestjen M, Borko E.

Publication Year: 2003

Citation: Am J Obstet Gynecol 2003;188(5):1291-6.

Forty-three surgically induced (6 weeks postop) menopausal women were randomly assigned in a double-blind study to 28 weeks of 2.0mg oral or 50mg transdermal estradiol. Looking at blood flow through the brachial artery, flow-mediated dilation (ultrasound) in the oral group increased 6.0 to 13.2% and in the transdermal group increased 7.0 to 14.9% Results indicate that both oral and transdermal administration had equal effect on arterial endothelium independent of lipid profiles and increased vasodilation.