Testosterone for low libido in postmenopausal women not using systemic oestrogen therapy.

Author: Davis SR

Publication Year: 2009

Citation: Med J Aust. 2009; 191(3):134-5.

This editorial, written by the principal investigator for the “Aphrodite” study, concludes that the use of transdermal testosterone for hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) shows promising results but long-term safety requires further study.  The article describes the Aphrodite study, in which 814 women with HSDD were randomized to receive a patch delivering 150 or 300 mcg/day testosterone, or placebo patches, for 52 weeks.  The testosterone groups reported significantly more satisfying sexual events and reduction of distress, although the frequency of sexual activity did not increase. Benefits were seen after 8 weeks of therapy. No significant adverse effects were seen.