The significance of oestriol in the management of the post-menopause.

Authors: Tzingounis VA, Aksu MF, Greenblatt RB.

Publication Year: 1980

Citation: Acta Endocrinol Suppl (Copenh). 1980;233:45-50.

Oral estriol was given for 6 months to 52 postmenopausal women in 4 different dosages: group A received 2 mg/day; group B, 4 mg/day; group C, 6 mg/day; and group D, 8 mg/day. No endometrial proliferation was seen even at the highest dose. Improvements in menopausal symptoms were seen in all groups, but the extent of the symptom relief increased with the dose of estriol.  No side effects were seen.