Could transdermal estradiol + progesterone be a safer postmenopausal HRT? A review.

Authors: L’Hermite M, Simoncini T, Fuller S, Genazzani AR.

Publication Year: 2008

Citation: Maturitas 2008;60(3-4):185-201.

This detailed review examines the way different types of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) affect the cardiovascular system, the brain, and the risk of breast cancer.  It discusses the research that shows that non-oral estrogens have more favorable cardiovascular effects, such as improved blood pressure control and lower risk of thrombosis.  It discusses the benefits of using natural progesterone rather than synthetic progestins in association with estrogens in HRT.  Natural progesterone has a beneficial effect on blood vessels and the brain, and confers less or even no risk of breast cancer, compared with synthetic progestins.